Perhaps one of the weirdest experiences (not to mention scary) is to find a skeleton in your closet. I know that this is just a figure of speech, but then have you ever wondered what might happen is you actually find a skeleton lurking around in a dark corner of your closet, behind those old sport coats?

I’m going out of the country on a two-year vacation, and I was cleaning up my closet the other day. I thought I’d give all my old clothes to the maid, or to the orphanage or something. I was pulling the cobwebs out of my coat-hangers and battling the silverfishes and cockroaches, when I saw it – there, under a heap of old smelly sweatshirts, was the pile of chicken bones I’d hidden there almost two years ago, from the prying eyes of my very orthodox parents!

The skeletons in my closet are out in the open, literally. The species does not matter, does it, as long as its bones we’re talking about?

Posted by tatu