Rock to the rescue! Al Gore, as part of his global warming awareness mission, set up the Live Earth Concert 2007, in 8 cities simultaneously on 7.7.07, and names like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Phil Collins and Shakira performed in front of millions of people. But, what I’m wondering is this: Phil Collins sung the song “cocaine” in Wembley Stadium, and how does this help in averting global warming??The total sales of soft drinks during these 8 simultaneous concerts exceeded beyond imagination! So, here’s a recipe for saving the world, folks: Call a million people through some very slick TV Adverts, where you put up a sad face and explain how plastic is killing the world and how our cars are heating up the planet, get them all under one roof, ask some drugged hippie to beat out some tunes in his guitar, and serve soft drinks to everyone present in plastic cups, and ask all of them to drive back home in their cars!

What a farce!

Posted by tatu